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Public Mirror is an analytics tool targeted to find references to you on the Internet based on your photo. Access information about where you have been mentioned, whether it be in the news, blogs, forums and more. Use the statistics we have provided you with to plan your public communication, PR campaigns, and foreign activity.

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Media monitoring for politicians

Get to know how media, your customers, or voters see you

Track media relations about yourself and your customers’ or voters’ opinions. Use them to prevent the spreading of false or negative information, react to accusations, or adjust the way you communicate depending on your current reputation.

Media monitoring

Measure the media coverage of your PR campaigns (AVE)

Mentions of you taken from Public Mirror will help you measure your PR campaigns. Calculate the advertising value equivalency (AVE) of content in which an image of you has appeared. We will provide you with information about the website traffic associated with every mention and its approximated AVE.

Monitoring myself

Control the unauthorized usage of your personal image

Verify if someone is using photos of you without your consent. Control how your images are being spread across the Internet. Make sure that your images haven’t fallen into the wrong hands. We ensure full privacy to our customers and we keep your results secret.

Measuring popularity

Analyze how popular you are around the world

Explore the potential of your personal brand around the world. Find out how residents, influencers, or media in other countries see you. Plan your foreign activities based on data from Public Mirror reports.

Monitoring references

See how your image has evolved over time

Get a wider perspective on how your personal image has been presented over the years. Compare references to you published at different periods of time or examine how specific media or websites have been showing you over a given period of time.

Finding references

Find mentions of you from the past

Facilitate your work by using gathered mentions of you from the past. Get easy access to press clippings and other online materials about you within just a few seconds. Become aware of former posts and news that were not found using other monitoring tools.

Media monitoring tool

Compare the popularity of competitors

Find out how often particular competitors are mentioned online, compare their results, and use this analysis in order to promote the most promising one. Listen to your audience carefully and execute their will based on data coming from Public Mirror and your own channels.

Media monitoring worldwide

Monitor what is being said about you in foreign languages

Benefit from the fact that using a picture instead of a phrase allows you to capture mentions of you published in a different kind of alphabets. Don’t miss potentially important references to you only because they are written in a foreign language.

Efficient media monitoring

Cross-check information from your current PR tools

Verify information obtained from other PR or marketing tools you use. We equip you with additional information regarding your online presence such as how many times your name and surname are mentioned in particular content or the approximated value of your campaigns.

Check part of mentions of you for freeThen fit the plan to your needs

Take your self-monitoring to the next level

Monitoring photos of you, not your name

When you use monitoring tools that work based on phrases related to your name, position, or the name of your brand, you may miss some mentions of you.

This is especially true when they contain only a picture of you and no name, or they are not specifically about you (e.g. you appear on a magazine cover among other people or as a supporting character).

Using Public Mirror you can even find memes with yourself that are usually impossible to find when you monitor just your name.

Finding where photos of me are published
Finding mentions of me

Getting immediate alerts about new results

Keep an eye on your image. Receive a notification every time we find a photo of you. Easily access and manage your new mentions in order to be up-to-date regarding your personal image and the public opinion about you.

Instant onboarding, simple pricing

Get access to mentions of you within a few minutes. Go through the onboarding process and get to know which websites are publishing your photos.

Try Public Mirror for free and display a limited number of mentions containing your face. Then adjust the pricing plan to your needs. The price is determined by the number of mentions you want to display.

Check who uses your image
New media monitoring tool

User-friendly and familiar way of working

Your time, convenience, and routine are important to us. We understand that you might not be willing to spend your time learning new software.

That is why we have made Public Mirror as intuitive as possible and integrated it with popular tools you use every day.

Keeping mentions in order

Use our intuitive label system to effectively manage mentions available in the user’s panel. Indicate references that are important to you, create additional categories, and make your work easier.

You can also generate a PDF file to easily check all the mentions.

PR tool
Illegal usage of my image

Keeping mentions of you private

We are aware that, though mentions of you come from publicly available websites, you might not want them to be seen by anyone other than you.

That is why we keep your mentions private and available only for you. We also don’t use them for purposes other than being displayed to you. The information you find using Public Mirror is safe and protected.

Get started and see for yourself how Public Mirror can help youThen choose the plan that fit your scale

Plans to fit your scale

See part of your mentions for free

Choose your plan depending on how often you are mentioned online

After you use our search engine for the first time, we will estimate the number of mentions containing your face so you can choose the plan that fits your needs best.

What you get with a Public Mirror subscription:

  • Information about where mentions of you are published (links to websites and source images)
  • Alerts about newly-found mentions of you
  • Access to different kinds of statistics, including:
    • how often mentions of you have been found,
    • how often you appear on specific websites,
    • how often you are mentioned in particular countries,
    • which categories of websites (like News, Blog, Media, Entertainment, etc.) mention you
  • Information about the estimated AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent)
    of content that mentions you
  • The possibility to create reports of your mentions as well as statistics and export them to PDF
  • Information about where your name appears in articles
  • Access to the labeling system
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We’ll help you estimate your scale

After you use our search engine for the first time, we will estimate the number of mentions containing your face so you can choose the plan that fits your needs best. Be aware that new mentions are added onto your current mentions. This means that every month you pay for the total amount of mentions found by Public Mirror, not only new ones.

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