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Upload the photo of your face and we will find all public websites where your photos were published.

* we do not save your photos

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Reverse image search

How does it work?

Simply upload the photo of your face and we will find where your pictures were published on the Internet. Public Mirror focuses on your face’s features, thus, we will find your photos in different clothes, different resolutions, ages, hairstyle, makeup, etc.
Step by step instructions:
1. Upload the image of your face and Public Mirror will start to analyze and process it.
2. After your photo was transformed into AI readable code we perform the reverse facial search to compare your face features to all publicly available photos in the internet.
3. Public Mirror collects all results in the form of mentions, websites and countries where your face appears with higher frequency.


Perform deep search with your face using the uploaded photo and face in 3 different angles for the most precise results.


Enhance your face picture results by adding the name to see how many times you were mentioned on the website’s text.
The next generation media monitoring

How public mirror can help you?

Fake identity
Someone is pretending to be you?
Are there advertisements with your face that you did not consent to?
Scammers can use your facial image to create a false identity and use it for illegal purposes. Protect yourself by identifying this cases and reporting to the law forces.
“Why is the protection of biometric data so important?”
“How to protect your identity online”
Leaked photos
Someone stole your private photos?
Publishing the images of your face without the consent?
Are there images of you online violating your copyrights?
Nowadays you can never be sure your identity is secure. You cannot know if someone broke into your private account and stole sensitive photos. With Public Mirror facial search recognition system you will be the first to know when the photos with your face appear online.
“How to protect myself from cyberstalking?”
“How to check if someone has been using my photos illegally?”
Online presence
You find monitoring name and keywords not sufficient?
You want to know if you appear in memes?
Different languages over the world do not give you the real scale of your online presence?
When monitoring photos, not keywords or key phrases, you protect the most sensitive part of your image: your face. Using Public Mirror you can easily find images where your photo has been modified and/or where you are presented in a bad light.
“Social listening outside social media”
“Why is it worth monitoring media based on images, not keywords or names?”
“How to monitor mentions of me around the world”
Do you want to know if your face appears on the adult websites?
Did your ex publish sensitive content with you on porn websites?
Revenge Porn Search - your effective way to find and remove compromising photos from the web. Find any revenge porn with yourself before anyone you know sees or shares it.
We check about 40 000 porn websites from all over the world, so you can find out not only where your photos have been posted but also if they have spread to other platforms with explicit content.
“How to find out if revenge porn of you has been posted”
“The laws on revenge porn and how you can protect yourself against it”
“The appearance of deepfakes in revenge porn”
With Public Mirror you can feel safer


Original sources

With the access to your face photo results online you receive the original links where the photo is hosted and the website where the photo has been published.

immediate alerts

Receive immediate notifications to your email when we find new photos with your face in the Internet.

Takedown service

Do you want to legally remove unwanted photos of you from the publicly available websites?
We invoke DMCA when you are the author of the photos that became public, for example, ones that you have taken and sent to your partner (like selfies).
If you are a European Union citizen, your personal image is protected by the law. When someone publishes photos of you without your knowledge and/or consent, you can demand having the content that you appear in removed. In Public Mirror we invoke GDPR to force website administrators to delete content that violates your image rights.


“Furthermore, by applying facial recognition and artificial intelligence mechanisms to innovative technologies for monitoring the internet, PM can find images of any person. The company strives to secure the image of its clients on the internet. Therefore, the company's utmost important goal is to take its image protection to a higher level.”

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