Opt-out Request Form

Public Mirror, like any Internet search engine, uses its indexes based on data publicly available on the Internet. Public Mirror cannot determine and does not take any actions to determine the identity of natural persons whose data it collects from the Internet. Nevertheless, Public Mirror allows you to submit an “opt-out” request, i.e., a request to remove image vectors similar to the image vector of a natural person and related links to websites and links to photos stored in the Public Mirror indexes.
For technological reasons, as well as to confirm that the request has been submitted by the data subject, the request requires going through the "opt-out" process including sending a photo, passing the verification procedure via a webcam, and providing the name, surname, and email. Detailed information on the processing of personal data in order to fulfill the “opt-out” request can be found in the Privacy Policy.
Only natural persons who do not have a user account on the publicmirror.com website can use the “opt-out” form.
“Opt-out” requests can only be made using the form available below.
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To start the “opt-out” process, please give the following consents: