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Monitor and manage your online presence
with Public Mirror

Use the information about where mentions of you are published
We equip you with the links to the source of every mention: the source page on which your photo has been published and the URL of the source image. This basic data can help you plan your future PR campaign and carefully select partners in communication.
Get alerts about recent mentions of you
Be up-to-date regarding the mentions of you. Receive notifications from us at your own pace: as they appear or in a daily, weekly, or monthly digest. You can also turn them off and check your mentions independently.
Make use of different kinds of statistics
In order to help you manage your public image, you will receive additional information about:
  • how often mentions of you are published,
  • how often you appear on specific websites,
  • how often you are mentioned in particular countries,
  • which categories of websites (like News, Blog, Media, Entertainment, etc.) mention you.
Cross-reference these pieces of information and adjust them to your needs, whether they be a deeper analysis or preparing data for planning the future.
Easily measure your actions based on information about estimated AVE
Check which media, journalists, bloggers provide you with the most valuable content. Plan your collaborations and activity based on the estimated AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent) of every article you are mentioned in.
Create reports of your mentions and statistics
Generate any reports that will help you facilitate your job: from an overall report of mentions of you, through information about a single mention or group of selected mentions of you, to a summary of mentions divided into categories, countries, etc. You can export the reports to PDF files.
Label mentions in order to keep them organized
Mark mentions any way you want to make your job easier. Create labels that will help you navigate among them and filter them by the names chosen by you. There are no limits to the number of labels you can use.

Which plan should I choose?

Unlock your results using our basic "Access" plan. If the number of your results is higher than a 1000, choose the plan that fits your potential best.

Be aware that new mentions are added onto your current results. This means that every month you pay for the total amount of results found by Public Mirror, not only new ones.

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